Company Introduction

Hyoshin Mechatronics Co., Ltd also called Autosigma as a brand was established in South Korea since 1984. Autosigma is specialized in solenoid valves, penumatic valves, electrc vavles, etc. Not only has Autosigma been leading a domestic market, But also they have been recognized around the globe for the products competitiveness. They launched solenoid valves for gas in 2016 based on their own skills to produce solenoid valves. Moreover, Autosigma is a manufacturer where they have released agricultural irrigation valves, which are essential to help run smart farm in the fourth industry revolution era.

Solenoid Valves (Solenoid valves with brass or stainless steel for industry

The products made of brass or stainless steel are operated to automatically open and close by electromagnet.
Also, they have the function to control the flow rate.
The products are used for not only sophisticated automation, but also safety lines.
Depending on what fluid and working pressures users need, you can choose our product to meet requirement.

Fluid (Choose the option you would like to order)
Air, water, boiled water, steam and water proof

Voltage Available
AC220V, AC110V, DC24V, DC12V, AC24V

Normally Closed, Normally Opened (Choose the one you need.)

Pneumatic Actuator Valves (Double Acting & Single Acting

The valve equipped with the actuator is operated by the compressed air to run the piston in cylinder.
Pneumatic valve is the item connected to airhoses to open and close the valve.
The main resource for working this valve is air, which is unlimited. Using the compressor is inevitible to exhaust the particular pressure.
By adding more options, the function and convenience get more improved.

Solenoid valves (AC220V, DC24V)


Limit Switch


Electric Actuator Valves

This product has an electric actuator mounted on the body valve to open and close for work.
The electric actuator is a quite small structure and able to get an huge amount of output.
You can choose the option among the valve’s seat material depending on what fluid the valve is used for.

Seat : PTFE (3PCS, 1PC and Flange Type)
Seat : EPDM, etc. (Butterfly valve)

Spcial Order
Seat : Carbon, Peek, etc.

AC220V, DC24V, etc.

Agricultural Irrigation Valves

The valves are the automatic ones which are essential and build the system of supplying the water or the nutrient crops.
Autosigma can provide customers with flow-rate control, hydraulic and water-level control valves

Globe, Angle

Agricultural Water, underground water, etc.

Voltage as a standard one

Special Order
AC220V, DC24V

Autosigma Solenoid and penumatic Valves,