Company History

Since 2017, PT Rafitama Millenial Wahyudi as a part of Nabel Sakha Group is an Indonesian leading company that specializes in the distribution of pneumatic and hydraulic component. With focus only on the distribution of pneumatic and hydraulic component, PT. Rafitama expected to give its valued customers the best products and services available. As a part of one of the most influential group company in these areas, PT. Rafitama distributes qualified products with practical solutions.

Rafitama is an authorized distributor of the principal from leading technology country such as Germany, South Korea, and Taiwan. According to our primary goal of customer satisfaction, PT. Rafitama commited to only distributes original and qualified products in their class such as KCC, ITV, CDC and Fontal.

Professionally managed and boasting comprehensive supporting facilities, as well as fully trained human resources and SAP IT System. PT. Rafitama is growing fast and has achieved outstanding result such as setting the record for the largest volume of KCC sales in South East Asia.


Professional company by providing qualified pneumatic and hydraulic solution in Indonesia.


  • Providing the best products with after sales service support for customer satisfaction.
  • Professional in running every business activities.
  • Sustaining trust and good relationship with all business partners.
  • Creating as prestige company for work and achievement.
  • Enhance company value with creativity, innovation and continuing human resource development.