Company History

Rafitama Millenial Wahyudi, as a part of Nabel Sakha Group, is a leading Indonesian company that distributes pneumatic and hydraulics components primarily used in manufacturing. It was established in 2017 in Tangerang, PT. Rafitama Millenial Wahyudi is committed to only distributing qualified products with practical solutions to give its valued customers the best products and services available, according to our primary goal of customer satisfaction.

Rafitama Millenial wahyudi is an authorized distributor of the principals from leading technology countries such as Germany, South Korea, and Taiwan. According to our primary goal of customer satisfaction, PT Rafitama Millenial Wahyudi is committed to distributing original and qualified products such as KCC, BELSA, AUTOSIGMA, ITV CDC, and FONTAL brands. Professionally managed and boasting comprehensive supporting facilities, fully trained human resources and SAP IT System. PT. Rafitama Millenial Wahyudi is growing fast, trusted by principals and leading manufacturing companies in Indonesia.

By using our company, customers will enjoy trusted specialized pneumatic and hydraulic solutions.


To be a Pneumatic and Hydraulic provider that superior in products and services and continually improve value added to customers in Indonesia.


1. To continue discovering, developing and successfully providing innovative pneumatic and hydraulic solutions to meet customer satisfaction.

2. To provide a high return to the company that reflects outstanding performance and adequately reward those who invest ideas and positive contribution to the company.


looking for better way for optimum result

work ethically within company rules and policy

work with full of competence as per-required in every aspect

be able to collaborate effectively in a team to achieve a goal as a winning team