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Specialize in the Distribution of Pneumatic & Hydraulic Components

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PT. Rafitama Millenial wahyudi is an authorized distributor of the principals from leading technology countries such as Germany, South Korea, and Taiwan. According to our primary goal of customer satisfaction, PT Rafitama Millenial Wahyudi is committed to distributing original and qualified products such as KCC, BELSA, AUTOSIGMA, ITV, CDC, and FONTAL brands. Professionally managed and boasting comprehensive supporting facilities, fully trained human resources and SAP IT System. PT. Rafitama Millenial Wahyudi is growing fast, trusted by principals and leading manufacturing companies in Indonesia.

As an authorized distributor of the brands we work with, we only provide original products with complete documentation, including Country of Origin, Certificate of Analysis, Safety Certificate and an explicit warranty.

To educate our customers, we also offer free trial products and samples. With this service, customers can test and try our products for a specific period before purchase to ensure equality.

To solve customer problems and give the very best advice on operational processes to make them more efficient and effective, our technical team is on hand to visit our customers from time to time.

The pandemic causes us to keep our distance from others and avoid face-to-face as much as possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from increasing.

We are PT. Nabel Sakha Gemilang continues to support and always connect with customers to provide the best solutions by giving industrial webinars. Webinar topics that we provide follow the problems faced by customers.

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